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“Derek’s feedback is thoughtful and constructive. His notes are always in service of the story that YOU are trying to tell, helping you bring it to life in the most clear and impactful way possible.”

-April Moreau, Director / Screenwriter

(AFI Directing Workshop for Women 2021 Alum)

“Derek’s feedback and critical analysis were of immeasurable help to the development of our feature screenplay. He quickly identified plot weaknesses and had valuable ideas on how to address them. He has a sharp eye for story and a keen understanding of screenwriting mechanics. Shortly after implementing his notes, we secured financing to produce our film. We will absolutely consult with him on future projects.”

-Joseph Zentil & Pierce Csurgo, Director / Co-Writers

“My Zoom session with Derek kicked off a complete transformation of my script - his notes were amazing and changed the whole dynamic. He had my mind spinning with new possibilities. Once I incorporated his feedback and took the script out, I immediately got the attention of a producer and am negotiating an option agreement. After I finished another script, I prayed to heavens he was available for another session because I knew he’d help me elevate it to the next level too."

-Adam Duarte, Actor / Screenwriter

“As a comic who's new to writing feature length scripts/pilots, I often look to Derek for help with my story structure. Derek's feedback is consistently clear, constructive, and effective. He works with me to edit my project so that it lives up to its full potential as opposed to trying to shift the story in a completely new direction. I really appreciate his ability to offer suggestions without trying to change the intent or tone of the story and he continuously inspires creative solutions. I truly enjoy working with him. I feel he gets my perspective and sense of humor and I value having him as a resource in my creative process.”

Emily Hanley, Comedian / Actor / Screenwriter

“Derek has deep insight into the mechanics of a story and a gift for helping writers streamline and level up their screenplays and books. By asking smart questions and applying years of craft, Derek helped me achieve my goals and problem-solve challenges in my project.”

-David Nadelberg, Writer / Producer / Creator of Mortified

“In our discussions regarding my screenplay, Derek explained in detail what needed to be developed in various scenes. His examples spanned from popular movies to personal experiences which effectively demonstrated needed changes to accomplish the desired effect. His method gave me a visual, more in-depth understanding on how to add the emotional weight needed to connect with an audience and achieve my story goals. Our meetings resulted in a renewed motivation and passion for continuing my screenplay project.”

-Carol Basile, Award-Winning Author / Screenwriter

“Derek has an incredible ear for dialogue and an uncanny ability to break open a script with his unique insights. He knows how to remedy a struggling scene by pinpointing and enhancing the conflict or simply highlighting a character moment. He’s not afraid to roll up his sleeves and dig deep - it's been a pleasure working with him for almost four years!”

-Drew Feldman, Director / Screenwriter

“After our first conversation about my short script, Derek helped me realize what wasn't working and how to fix it as well as what I loved about my original vision that was non-negotiable. I believe my film will be much more successful with his help.”

-Matt Kravitsky, Director / Screenwriter

“Derek is a generous collaborator with impeccable knowledge of story, dialogue, and structure and a razor sharp knack for diagnosing a script's needs. It is always an easy and fruitful experience working with him.”

Nikolai Metin, Producer / Director / Screenwriter

“From our first interaction, I was impressed with Derek's quick grasp of what my project needed but especially grateful for the ideas he offered as to how to get there.  Over the years, I've relied on his expertise and nuanced take on how to improve and/or polish my work. His creative twists and tweaks always inspire me, and I'm a better writer because of his support.”​

-Debbie Castanha, Screenwriter

(The Black List / Women in Film Feature Writers Lab Fellow 2018, Stowe Story Lab Fellow 2019, Academy Nicholl Fellowship - Quarterfinalist 2017 & Semifinalist 2020)

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