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-‘Cartoons’ by Carly & the Universe. Music Video; 2023

-‘Rope’ by Carly & the Universe. Music Video; 2022.

-Dave Cavalier Live Set for Dunkin’ Latte Lounge x Z100 x iHeartRadio. Live Performance; 2022

-‘The Hold’ by Dave Cavalier. Music Video; 2022

-‘Damage is Done’ by Dave Cavalier. Music Video; 2019

-‘A Year of Denial & Debauchery’ by Austin Musick. Behind-the-Scenes Album Recording; 2019

-‘Hero’ by Malea. Music Video; 2019

-‘Way Down West’ by James Rivers for The Little Bar Sessions. Live Performance; 2018

-‘All the Same’ by James Rivers. Music Video; 2018

-‘Swept Away’ by Malea. Music Video; 2018

-‘Snap Out of It’ by Dave Cavalier. Music Video; 2018

-‘Don’t Stumble’. :30 Commercial Ad aired nationally. Complete Financial Inc.; 2018                                                  

-‘Moment of Clarity’. 15 min. Digital Short Film; 2010



-‘Pivot Pals’ 20 min. Digital Short Film. Director Doron Drew Feldman. Official Selection in Multiple Film Festivals; 2022/2023

-‘Amy & Peter Are Getting Divorced’ – ‘Decks’ Segment of Feature Film. Director Yuriy Sardarov & April Moreau. Produced by Umbrelic Entertainment; Distributed wide on VOD / Paramount+ by Gravitas Ventures; 2021

-‘The Well’. Web-series. Director Adam Wheeler. Wrote & Produced 6 Episodes; 2012-2015            

-‘Agoraphobia’. 10 min. Digital Short Film. Director Cory Braun; 2011

-‘My Darling’. 10 min. Digital Short Film. Director Cory Braun; 2010



-‘Americano’. Micro-budget feature film. Director Jason Begue; Audience Award: Best Narrative Feature, 2013 United Film Festival; 2011

-‘Kaliedecorp’. Digital Short Film. Director Brad Klipfel; Cannes Film Festival: Court Metrage; Las Vegas International Film Festival Silver Ace Award; Miami International Film Festival Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today; 2010

-‘This Evening’s Discourse’. Digital Short Film. Directors BJ Golnick & Brandon Emery; 2009

-‘Halfway Home’. 15 min. Digital Short Film. Director Cory Braun; 2010


Tech Producer

-Miley Cyrus' Whiskey A Go Go Set for SOSFEST presented by YouTube Music and NIVA; produced by Bulldog Digital Media and Xi Media Productions; 2020


Commercial Writer

-'Tide' spec commercial for director Andrea Mandel; treatment, mood board & script; 2016

-'Gerber' spec commercial for director Andrea Mandel; treatment, mood board & script; 2016

-'Johnson & Johnson' spec commercial for director Andrea Mandel; treatment, mood board & script; 2012



-Edited over 75 music videos, numerous shorts, and branded content. Notable credits included below:

-'Sidewalks and Skeletons'. 10 min. Digital Short Film. Director Patrick Thies; 2024

-'My Motherly Harmony'. 10 min. Digital Short Film. Director Ara Torosian; 2023

-'Pure Blue'. 13 min. Digital Short Film. Director Justin Stapleton; 2023

-'Haunted'. 15 min. Digital Short Film. Director Jon Amiel; 2023

-‘Let’s Party’ by Kool & the Gang. Music Video / Ad for Champagne Product. Director Zane; 2022

-‘Do Your Dance’. Commercial. Director Marisa Hamamoto. Microsoft FlipGrid x InfiniteFlow Dance Studio; 2022

-‘The Plug’ by The Isley Brothers ft. 2 Chains. Director Zane. Live-to-Tape Performance; 2022

-‘Mike O’Hearn’s 5-Day Workout Plan’. In-App Teaser Previews. FitPlan App; 2021

-'Let's Change the World' by Ringo Starr. Music Video. Director David Mahmoudieh; AlphaWolvesTV, Universal Music Group, & the non-profit Kids in the Spotlight; 2021

-‘Thunder’ by Gabry Ponte x LUM!X x Prezioso. Music Video. Director Zane; Spinnin’ Records; 2021

-‘Friends & Family’ by The Isley Brothers ft. Snoop Dogg. Live-to-Tape for Jimmy Kimmel Live; Director Zane; 2021         

-‘Friends & Family’ by The Isley Brothers ft. Snoop Dogg. Live-to-Tape for The Today Show; Director Zane; 2021

-‘Hero’ by David Guetta x Afrojack. Music Video; Director Zane; Spinnin’ Records; 2021

-‘IncrEdible Phoode’. :30 Spec Commercial. Director Marta Fowlie; 2021

-‘iPhone Only’. 10 min. Digital Short Film. Director Lily Kennedy.

-‘Minecolla Hair Treatment Tutorial’. Commercial/Tutorial; Director Zane; 2019

-‘Enter Nowhere’ Behind-The-Scenes Featurette. Director Jack Heller. Caliber Media (now Assemble Media); 2011

-‘Rue La Rue’ Rue McClanahan Documentary for Director Michael J. La Rue; 2011


'MY PENNY’ (relationship drama based on a true story)

A young couple struggle to hold their relationship together as a rare form of recurring amnesia threatens the history of their love. (Co-Written w/ Director Luke Cheney; 2024)


TOUCH OF GREY’ (road-trip dramedy)

After their rabbi father never arrives to his business trip destination, a matriarch takes her family cross-country to find him in order to keep up appearances for her tight-knit orthodox community. (2021 Sundance Lab 2nd Rounder, 2021 Golden List Finalist; co-written w/ Drew Feldman)


DOG MOMS’ (comedy)

Four women are brought together after adopting dogs from the same litter of rescues. When one of the dogs goes missing, they band together to find her, forming an unlikely friendship in the process. (Quarterfinalist ScreenCraft Comedy Competition 2022; co-written w/ April Moreau & Emily Hanley)


THE INVISIBLE WOMAN’ (mystery/thriller; based on novel The Invisible Man by HG Wells)

After her brotherʼs suicide and father's disappearance, a Hollywood make-up artist returns to her hometown for answers but instead finds herself in a cat-and-mouse game with with an unseen force driving her down the same rabbit hole that may have killed her brother. (Quarterfinalist ScreenCraft True Story & Public Domain Competition 2022)


VESSELS’ (science fiction romantic drama)

Follows a co-dependent couple who misuse an addictive new-age therapy to reinvigorate their monotonous marriage. (Currently in development w/ Jessica M. Thompson attached to direct & Ben Stillman producing; 2024)


COURTING DANGER’ (biopic/espionage thriller/book adaptation)

Alice Marble, a three-time tennis world champion who at the time, defied the wishes of her longtime coach and left the sport to become an Allied spy, gathering intel on the Nazis that proved instrumental in the Nuremberg trials. (Writer-for-hire: Actress Olivia Cooke & Maven Pictures 2017)



Based on the lives and times of Eric Clapton, George Harrison, and Patti Boyd, and the love-triangle that inspired a generation of music. (Original spec; Featured on the 2016 Black List; Optioned twice by LBI Entertainment / John Lesher of Le Grisbi, 2016-2019)


PARADISE’ (dramatic crime thriller)

While docked in a small Croatian port town for two weeks, a staunch Navy chief officer grows infatuated with a beautiful woman, whose subsequent disappearance leads him down the rabbit hole of European sex-trafficking. (Writer-for-hire: Strange Customs, LLC, 2012; Official Selection Beverly Hills Screenwriting Competition 2013)


FLORA’ (science-fiction thriller/family drama)

In the days leading up to an asteroid impact, a scientist flees his government duties to try to salvage what’s left of his broken family by taking them on one last vacation. (Writer-for-hire: Producer Jack Heller of Caliber Media (now Assemble Media); 2011)


THE APPLE TREE’ (family crime-drama)

After spending all their money on in vitro pregnancy, Frank Bruchs and his wife move back to his hometown to the broken and twisted family he left behind 15 years ago.  History repeats itself in this story that spans two generations of the lies and secrets that drive this small-town family deeper into emotional fragility. (Original spec)


BLACK’ (political espionage thriller)

After Dr. Alexa Maldin, one of the world’s top pharmaceutical researchers, uncovers she’s working for a nefarious company, she must convince a black-ops agent that he’s dying so that he will help her sneak back into the U.S from Switzerland. (Original spec)


THE FALL: MANHATTAN’ (psychological horror thriller)

When a man visits his oldest friend in NYC on Halloween for a coveted job interview, the night spirals out of control and people start dying around him, forcing him to question if he’s losing his mind or if there’s something sinister happening in Manhattan. (Original spec; co-written w/ Jason Begue)


O FATHER’ (psychological suspense thriller)

After receiving a cryptic letter from his estranged father, David journeys into the mountains with his rebellious son in hopes of instilling some discipline in him. While they reunite, David is haunted by confusing memories of childhood violence causing him to doubt his father's intentions. (Original spec)


'VACATION' (romantic drama)

Three years after his wife is murdered, a despondent doctor embarks on the trip to England he and his wife had planned before she died. He meets a young woman from his hometown who’s strangely connected to his past. (Writer-for-hire: Novel adaptation for self-published author JC Miller, 2011)



RESIDENTIAL’ (hour-long drama)

After a traumatic incident with a high-profile client puts his business’ future in peril, Dallas Well, a gifted therapist and co-owner of a teen mental health treatment center in Malibu, must navigate a PR nightmare and a corporate merger. (Currently out to production companies, 2022)



CHASING BUBBLES’ (I own the rights to the documentary of the same name)

Follows the journey of Alex Rust, a farm boy turned day trader from Indiana who, at 25, abandoned his life in Chicago, bought a modest sailboat, and set out to sail around the world with no prior experience. (Currently out to filmmakers, 2022)


THE GENTLE SEDUCTION’ (I own the rights to the short story of the same name)

In the distant future where pills can prolong life and interplanetary space travel is possible, an older woman’s husband dies and encourages her to embrace the future unlike he did, so she decides to travel across the universe in search of the inventor who started it all – her first true love. (Writing script, 2022)

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